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Easy Tips For Determining The Value of A Classic Car


Are you planning on purchasing or selling a classic car but having trouble knowing at what price range you should put it on? Knowing the true value of a classic car can be very difficult. There are a lot of factors you will need to consider to evaluate it, and these factors all change depending on the person you’re asking. It’s a tricky business knowing the intricacies that go into knowing a fair value, luckily there are a few websites that can give you a ballpark figure of what the car is going for.

The first thing you should know is that in determining the value of a classic car, the basics are just the same as with normal used cars being sold today. The demand for the model of car is a factor, and so is the brand. If the car is of a brand that is known for their quality of work, such as a Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” or an Aston Martin Zagato, then you can be sure that their price would be high. Another thing to consider is how much work has been done on the car. A car

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Tips on Buying a Classic Car


People who are into cars often have the desire to build or restore a classic car. The idea of bringing a car back to its former glory is something that is often on their mind so they often look for classic cars for sale.

Now most people looking for a classic car for sale is either looking for a complete wreck that needs a lot of working normally including getting welding done and treating rust, especially if the classic car is a UK classic car as the salt on our roads really does speed up the rotting process. However there is another kind of person that just likes the idea of buying a fully restored classic car these people enjoy tinkering with car but are just not up for doing any major work maybe they don’t have the time or the patience but either way finding the right classic car for sale is going to be a long process.

So what is it you need to do to find the perfect classic car for sale? You need to decide which category you fall into, do you like “tinkering” or you up for doing a

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Tips For Collecting Classic Cars


You’ve always wanted that model T Ford but been afraid to take the plunge. How does one get spares? How much does it cost to maintain a classic car? How do you know you are not getting ripped off when you buy one?

Here are a few basic tips to get you on the road to collecting classic cars. Keep in mind that they are essentially second hand cars so you don’t rush into a deal.

You may have come across advertisements in the local newspapers about sales of such cars. However, it is a good idea to steer clear of your local newspaper.

Check the classified posts for classic cars at hemmings.com or sportscarmarket.com. Interact with classic cars collectors at vintage car shows, collector meets and other high end events. You could also try looking for them at auctions organized by well-known auctioneers.

When looking at buying such a car, check its condition and then check its value against a price guide. Do some amount of background research to see that you are getting value for your money. Look up any associations that may specialize in that particular classic car model. They will be

Safety Tips for Night Driving

Did you know that more crashes and auto accidents happen at night? It’s true, there’s about 1 and a half times more crashes at night than during daylight hours. In addition, nighttime crashes have a higher fatality rate as the crashes tend to be much more severe. In fact, the fatality rate for nighttime crashes is almost 4 times the fatality rate as those that occur in daylight hours.

The main issue that contributes to this is the decreased visibility you have at night. Not only is your depth perception, peripheral vision and color perception less at night, but road markings and signs are simply harder to see at night. The older you get, the more trouble you may have with driving at night, since a 50 year old will need more light to see than a 20 year old driver. Fatigue can also be a factor, for both old and young people.

Here are some essential safety tips to help you drive at night with less worry:

First, always make sure that your mirrors and windows are clean, as any dirt or dust on these areas will increase the glare you get from lights

How to Properly Communicate With Inspectors, Tug Drivers, and Other Mechanics

Summary: Documentation and communication are two important aspects that MUST occur within an airfield. Failure to do so can result in injury, unnecessary costs, and team fragmentation.

Handling daily Ground Support Equipment (GSE) operations and maintenance sounds like a stressful event, especially when each nut and bolt can have a major impact on the overall condition of the airplane. However, by creating a specific checklist inspection program, you can ensure that your team is on top of things while creating a safe and effective environment.

Locate Potential Issues Before They Get Out of Hand

Create a program that’s designed to capture issues before any actual breakdowns occur. This includes unsafe conditions, the disruption of quality of service to customers, and increased costs due to repairs. Assign equipment for user checks as a part of your daily shift assignment roster. For instance, have one mechanic conduct a pre-use inspection and jot down any issues – along with each action he’s performing. This way, you’ll leave a set of breadcrumbs so to speak, along with documentation showcasing what the mechanic has done. Also, have the operator of the equipment make additional post-use remarks.

For instance, if

Tips on How to Buy Repossessed Motorcycles

There are many benefits you will get if you buy repossessed motorcycles. One of the benefits is the awesome price you will get if you are able to get a great bargain with it. These repossessed motorcycles offer you the opportunity to drive your own bike at much lesser price than purchasing them as brand new.

Most often, these motorcycles were sold because previous owners were not able to meet their monthly repayment on their loans to get these motorcycles. Consequently, they were seized by the financing company and sold at auction houses to the highest bidder in order to recover their investments made.

As prospect buyers, you have the opportunity to get to own one of the repossessed motorcycles offered with lower minimum bids as sellers need to immediately convert them into cash in order to reinvest in other important and more profitable ventures for them.

Hence, when you buy these motorcycles, you need to inspect the unit first before placing a bid on it. This will ensure that the repossessed motorcycle you are bidding is in good condition; otherwise, you might end up with additional cost on repairs which may add up to higher price in the long run.

One disadvantage

Car Buying Tips For eBay Motors

There are a lot of perks associated with car shopping online with eBay Motors, including the buyer being able to set the price. In addition, automobile insurance is more affordable on used cars and, with an auction, the buyer pays in full and there is no hassle of a monthly payment. If you do plan to shop for your next car on eBay Motors, take a moment to consider the following tips to help get you started on the road to car shopping success.

First and foremost, check with your car insurance company before deciding to purchase a specific car on eBay Motors or anywhere else. If the cost of car insurance is a major deciding factor, then you will want to be clear about the costs before you commit to purchasing. In addition, it may be helpful to know that SUVs carry a higher insurance cost than that of a car. With that being said, the cost of insurance will be less on a used car than if that same model were purchased new.

Request a CarFax report from the seller and, if they do not have one, request the VIN number so that you may obtain a copy directly.

How To Winterize Your Bike

Sad, but true, it’s that time again… time to winterize your motorcycle. As difficult as it may be to even consider putting your bike away during the harsh months to come, it is a must in order to keep it safe. Those living in harsher climates especially need to take special precautions to ensure that their bike stays in shape for riding once the weather breaks and spring returns.

To keep your motorcycle in tip-top running shape, figure on taking at least one full day to get it prepared for storage. Follow these simple tips to help protect your motorcycle this winter, so it’ll be ready to hit the road again come spring:

-Change the Oil and lubricate all moving parts.

-Purge The Carbs, always remembering to add gasoline stabilizer to the tank before storing.

-Wash and dry your bike thoroughly before storage. A leaf blower works great in frying off excess water.

-Check your belt drive for any signs of wear and tear at the end of each riding season.

-Wax all painted areas and the frame to keep moisture from causing problems over the winter months.

-Clean and polish all chrome parts and rims with a coat of chrome polish or silicone lube.

-Adjust and lubricate

How to Sell a Used Motorcycle

Selling your used motorcycle is a relatively quick and painless process. All you have to advertise your offer and use effective strategy for negotiating price. To ensure a faster selling process and get the best return on investment, refer to the following motorcycle selling tips.

Tip one – Make sure your motorcycle is serviced. There is nothing better than a potential buyer liking the way a used bike looks and feels while driving it. Be sure that all your chains are oiled and all necessary parts are lubricated. Being certain that your buyer gets the smoothest test ride possible can help you sell your motorcycle with much more ease.

Tip two – Take part in a detailed clean-up. Especially before you start advertising, a thorough wash and wax job will give your motorcycle that gleam that all riders look for. Excessive rust or corrosions should be treated and your vinyl seat should be finished too.

Tip three – Take good, detailed photographs for potential clients. Try your best to take pictures on a bright sunny day with the minimum amount of glare or shadows. Keep distractions out and get pictures of all angles. This will speed up the selling process, especially in

How To Change The Oil In Your Motorcycle

There are a number of regular maintenance tasks that you have to perform on your motorcycle in order to keep it functioning properly. One particular task is changing the oil. Here are a few tips or pointers that will help you complete this task on your own.

You have to realize that changing the oil in your motorcycle on a regular basis is a very important step. One of the many reasons why this is important is because it keeps a fresh supply of oil inside the engine of your motorcycle that will help to keep the inner components of your engine properly lubricated and functioning properly. Over time, oil will begin to thicken and break down due to the constant exposure to the intense heat of the engine. The oil supply will eventually dry up and your engine could be exposed to dangerous wear and tear if that supply is not replenished.

The type of oil that you use is equally as important as the number of times that you change it. Consult your motorcycle manual in order to make sure that you select the right type of oil for your bike. You should also make it a point to

7 Tips to Improve Your SUV Gas Mileage

There are various ways in which you could improve the gas mileage of your SUV. These seven tips are so easy to implement that you can immediately make your driving more economical.

  • Change your driving style. The car fuel economy depends to a great extent on the speed at which you drive. Refrain yourself from braking and accelerating too often because this consumes a lot of fuel.
  • Reduce Heavy Items. Remove all the heavy items in your SUV that you will not be using today. Any additional weight puts a higher load on the engine and reduces mileage.
  • Avoid Idling of your SUV. When your SUV is idling, while loading or unloading stuff, it wastes a lot of gas.
  • Fine tune the engine. When the engine is well tuned it will run more efficiently. Regular checkups can also expose easily missed failures like a defective oxygen sensor.
  • Check your filters. Clogged air filters would badly affect the car gas mileage.
  • Inflate your tires to the prescribed levels. Driving around with under-inflated tires is not only dangerous, it also consumes a lot of gas. Adequate tire pressure can be found in the manuals that come with your SUV and it should be checked periodically.
  • Make sure you

How To Ride Properly Within Your Lane

There are plenty of things that motorcycle riders have to think about when riding down the highway at high speeds. One particular technique of concern is whether or not you are occupying your lane properly. Here are some tips on riding safely and successfully in your lane.

First things first, be certain that you are always leaving yourself enough room. This is key because you need it in order to be able to react quickly in any dangerous situations that might occur. A good rule of thumb for any rider regardless of how experienced you are is to leave at least two seconds between you and the rider behind you.

Next, you have to realize that you are at a huge disadvantage when on the road because of the size of the vehicle you are riding. A motorcycle doesn’t take up much space on the road and you appear to be much narrower than other types of vehicles. This means that oncoming traffic is going to have a hard time seeing you coming. This is why your lighting is so important. When you’re riding by yourself with nobody in front of you, not even another car, you can take your pick

5 Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle riding can be a sport, a mode of transportation, or just a hobby. But whatever reason you have for riding a motorcycle, if you do not keep yourself safe, that single motorized vehicle can inflict some deadly harm. Keeping yourself safe when you ride a motorcycle should be your number one priority, because no matter how much you enjoy riding, the increased risk is not worth the reward.

Tips for Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

  1. Wear a HelmetFalling off a motorcycle can be incredibly dangerous. Falling off a motorcycle without a helmet is going to be fatal. Also, it stops bugs from flying in your mouth. Bees don’t taste good.
  2. Get TrainedA motorcycle is not a bike. If you have never ridden a motorcycle before, there are a number of tricks that help you avoid injury. Learn them.
  3. Speeding is Not SaferWhile speeding may seem like fun on a motorcycle, don’t. It makes it more likely you will spin out, it makes it more likely cars will hit you, and it makes it more likely you will be badly injured in an accident. People speed because they like to feel they are going fast in comparison to their previous speed. If that

Tips To Buy A Lift Kit For Your SUV

An SUV itself is a symbol of class and style. Adding a little touch-up by installing a lift kit to it only adds to the glamor. Make sure that you do not get confused between a parking lift and a lift kit. A parking lift is something which helps in the parking or the repairing process of a car. And what does a lift kit do? It is a part which lifts the frame of an automobile and makes it higher than usual. In short, a parking lift gets used to lift an entire car to a certain height. On the other hand, a lift kit is a modification which lifts either the frame or just the car’s suspension.

What happens when a kit gets installed? It gives the car a higher profile. The wells of the wheels become higher, and therefore, the ordinary tires get replaced with taller tires. There are mainly two types of lift kits: the suspension lifts and the body lifts.

If you take an interest in installing a kit into your SUV and turning it into a true “Road Monster“, you need to know the difference between these two types. Moreover, you must also have a little

How to Find Classic Car Parts

The Classic Car Club of America distinguishes a classic car as those between 1925 and 1948. They note that classic cars are produced in limited quantities and sold at a higher price. They further explain that a 25 year-old car will qualify as classic since the normal shelf life of a vehicle is 10 to15 years only.

Owning a classic car is a great investment for car enthusiasts. The price value appreciates as it ages. The only problem or challenge most collectors encounter is when they need to change some car parts and accessories. The classic car parts are not usually available in typical automobile shops.

Owners can still look for specialty stores that carry car parts for outdated models. Shopping for a classic car part is now easy with the use of internet. They can search the internet for dealers who are engaged in restoring and selling classic car parts. They can look at the classic car classifieds for easy access on complete lists of sellers.

Placing an order through the internet is easy. It will only take a few minutes. The buyer will have to use his credit card to pay. The product will be sent through courier service once the

Removing Haze or Film from the Inside of the Windshield

Question = ” I bought a used car, & the windshield has a haze or film on it, that won’t come off. I wash it & then it comes back, what can I do?

Answer = The haze or film is usually from cigarette smoke. That’s right either the ex-owner of your car was a smoker or if the haze/film just became a problem someone while driving or riding in your vesicle is smoking. The bad news is you’re stuck with it, the good there is help.

After 20 years of installing auto glass, I’ve seen people try everything, with no luck. It always comes back even if the glass is replaced. Why? The smoke gets in the A/C/Heat Filters, the dashboard, headliner, & upholstery. So, when you use your A/C or heater the smoke is recirculated especially on the windshield if you use the defroster.

The Cure is simple but has to be repeated often. First you’ll need to get a couple items

#1. Paper Towels (thicker, the better),

#2. Glass Cleaner (any will work but the best to use is a foaming glass cleaner, comes in a spray can & can be purchased at your local auto supply store),

#3. A bottle of

How to Change Motorcycle Engine Oil

Before you start changing your motorcycle engine oil, you must place the tools you need within reach. Include tools such as wrench, screwdrivers or pliers just in case the filler caps have been tightly screwed. You should also prepare rags and containers for the used oil. Your motorcycle must be placed in an area that you can afford to get dirty, messy and greasy after the changing process. It is advisable to raise your motorcycle using the kick-stand rather than the side or rear stands. Place the container under the motorcycle where you think the oil is going to flow.

The next thing that you should do is to warm up your engine. This is to soften any hard particles in your engine oil. Then turn the engine off to cool for a bit. Proceed removing the filler cap when the engine is slightly warm. This enables the oil to drain quickly. Use necessary tools if it is tightly screwed.

Locate the drain plug and doff it so that the oil would drain. During the last few turns at the drain plug, be cautious since the hot oil may start to spill out anytime soon. Make sure that the empty can is

Tips To Maximizing Fuel Economy In Today’s Climate Of High Gas Prices

High costs at the pump have you troubled? Find yourself at the pump yet again dishing out another $50 – $100? Well, you’re not alone. The rising price of gas is on most of our minds and pocketbooks these days leaving us wondering if and when there will be a reprieve.

Until gas prices do normalize, there are some things that you can do to stretch that next tank of gas. Here are 10 tips that should save you a few extra bucks at the pump:

1. Instead of running multiple errands, consolidate your trips into one thus eliminating significant and unnecessary travel.

2. In congested, urban areas, avoid rush hour traffic. Gridlock and its start and stop travel is one of the quickest ways to drain that gas tank.

3. Resist the temptation to drive alone. Carpool with your co-workers. Carpooling with three of your colleagues means you only drive every fourth week saving you a bundle in fuel costs over the course of a year.

4. In cold weather climates, have an engine block heater installed. This will reduce the amount of fuel needed to warm the car on those cold winter mornings.

5. Resist turning on the AC at the first sign

Tips To Consider When Buying A Car For Your Teen Child

You may also be facing the prospect of adding another car to your garage. Choosing the right car for your teen may not make her a better driver, but may be a key factor in keeping her safe. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which crash-tests dozens of vehicles each year, advises parents to choose a midsize vehicle with lots of safety features such as air bags and antilock brakes.

If your budget can support buying your teen a new car, chances are most recommended safety features will be standard issue, and your biggest dilemma will be choosing a paint color. However, if you are looking at used cars for your teen driver, you may have to do a little more research to find a car with appropriate safety equipment. Here are some tips from the experts at Farmers Insurance Group that can help you find the best car for your new driver:

* A good place to start is with “The Consumer Guide Used Car Rating Guide.” This useful publication talks about the pros and cons of buying a used vehicle, which is especially useful if you haven’t shopped for a used car before.

* Check out the consumer information on

Tips on Increasing Fuel Mileage For a SUV

People love a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). It is a very robust and highly reliable. The person who owns a SUV has a sense of a achievement and satisfaction when driving on the road. Unfortunately, with the current high global crude oil prices, refueling this super size vehicle is a very expensive ordeal. However, most SUV owners are not willing to give up their priced machine but at the same time are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Are the any ways to improve the gas mileage for SUV? One option is to install a water car conversion kit. This article will provide some information on the idea behind water car.

Water cannot be used as a one to one replacement for gasoline. This is because water is not combustible. Water may be good as a windscreen cleaner and as a coolant in the radiator. However, one of the component of water which is hydrogen gas (H2) is excellent as a gasoline supplement. From basic science, we know that water consist of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Hydrogen gas can be separated from water with an electrolysis process.

The mileage of a SUV can be improved

Questions Only Car Care Sydney Can Answer

Car detailing is more than just polishing. It improves the surface of your vehicle to give it a shiny and slick feeling, protect it from harmful UV rays and build you a good image. You’ll notice the big difference after hiring a professional auto detailer. But when do you need this type of service? Below are the questions only Car Care Sydney can provide you with best answers.

Is the car paint fading? Do you see swirl marks and scratches on your car?

Car paint colors fade due to several reasons, but the common culprits areUV rays, pollutants and abrasive cleaners. Because you care for your vehicle so much, it’s not surprising if you feel disappointed seeing your much-loved car looking dull. Stop your worry as auto detailers can help restore faded and oxidized paint. Although you can’t avoid car paint from getting faded, Car Care Sydney has the expertise and uses the right materials to slow down the process so it continues to be in better condition for a longer span of time. An auto detailing technician can also eliminate scratches, swirls and others.

Do you want your car to look dazzling and always

Tips to Convert Your SUV Into a Hydrogen Hybrid to Save Fuel

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) are designed for people who want power and luxurious interior design for their cars. That is why most SUVs come with large engine capacity and a wide range of add on accessories. However, many SUV owners are in a dilemma right now because of the high gasoline prices at the local pump station. With the supply of global crude oil from the Middle East being limited, the gas prices are expected to go even higher in the near future. How can a car owner reduce his car fuel expense bill? One recommendation is to install a SUV gasoline saving device. How does the concept work? This article will provide some information on the science of converting a car into a hydrogen hybrid vehicle.

A SUV gasoline saving device in basically a kit that converts an internal combustion engine into a hydrogen hybrid machine. The device uses hydrogen gas (H2) as a complementary power source for cars. The H2 supply is generated from water through an electrolysis process. The extraction process is possible because water is made from 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen thus its name H2O. The hydrogen kit collects H2 and release it