How To Ride Properly Within Your Lane

There are plenty of things that motorcycle riders have to think about when riding down the highway at high speeds. One particular technique of concern is whether or not you are occupying your lane properly. Here are some tips on riding safely and successfully in your lane.

First things first, be certain that you are always leaving yourself enough room. This is key because you need it in order to be able to react quickly in any dangerous situations that might occur. A good rule of thumb for any rider regardless of how experienced you are is to leave at least two seconds between you and the rider behind you.

Next, you have to realize that you are at a huge disadvantage when on the road because of the size of the vehicle you are riding. A motorcycle doesn’t take up much space on the road and you appear to be much narrower than other types of vehicles. This means that oncoming traffic is going to have a hard time seeing you coming. This is why your lighting is so important. When you’re riding by yourself with nobody in front of you, not even another car, you can take your pick when it comes to lane positioning. Some prefer to ride in a position that is further away from oncoming traffic, so more to the right side, and some prefer to ride right down the center of the lane.

If you have another vehicle in front of you, whether it be a car, truck, semi, or other type of vehicle, you should make it a point to first leave plenty of space between you and that vehicle, and then position yourself closer to the center divider line. If you are on a freeway where all lanes are going the same direction, then you don’t have to worry about this one. The reason you want to be closer to the center when trailing behind another vehicle is because it gives you the chance to make yourself visible to oncoming traffic. If you move closer to the center line, oncoming traffic will be able to see you behind the vehicle in front of you if you are not traveling too closely to that vehicle.

When riding with another rider or multiple riders, then the lane positioning can get a little more tricky. The idea though is to make yourself as wide enough as possible. For this reason it is important that riders stagger themselves when traveling together in the same lane. The lead rider should ride either to the right or the left of the lane, and then the rider behind him or her should ride on the opposite side of the lane. This will ensure that both of your headlights are visible to oncoming traffic, making it more likely that oncoming traffic will notice you. Remember, always maintain a safe traveling distance between you and other riders or vehicles.