Starting A Collection Of Die-Cast Cars

Collections can be fun. Some may collect items such as small teapots or birdhouses and others may find enjoyment collecting larger items such as vintage cars. For those that have an interest in collecting cars, but don’t have the bankroll to fund a large collection, collecting more reasonably priced, scaled-down die-cast cars may be the answer. Another advantage of collecting small die-casts instead of full-sized models is storage. It’s rather easy to display these scaled-down cars on a shelf or in a display cabinet, whereas full-sized models would require a large garage, workshop or storage unit to keep the collection out of the elements and away from harm.

There is no doubt that collecting small die-cast cars is more reasonable financially than collecting full-sized vehicles, but be aware that dollars can add up quickly when purchasing many highly sought-after die-cast cars. When starting a collection, the internet is usually a good place to pick up a few starter cars without breaking the bank. The auction site Ebay has a vast selection of collectible cars at fair prices. One can even research similar, previously sold cars to ensure those for sale are offered at a reasonable price. When looking for a specific car, or a hard-to-find collection, websites such as may be a simple way to locate a special car offered by a reputable dealer at a fair price. When making an initial purchase, it’s always wise to consider the desired scale for the beginning collection. Most collectors tend to choose the scale they prefer, and can afford, and then buy most, if not all of their cars in that specific size. Of course the smallest popular size is the 1/64th scale. These cars are small, less expensive, and easy to store and display. Larger scaled cars, such as 1/24 or even the 1/8 usually have more detail, such as opening doors, hoods and trunks, which adds to the car’s realism, but the price usually goes up with the larger-sized cars.

Fortunately, die-cast cars usually hold their value. This allows collectors to have peace of mind and know that if and when they decide to liquidate their collection, most likely there will be a ready buyer who has an interest in beginning or adding to a collection of their own.