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7 Tips to Improve Your SUV Gas Mileage

There are various ways in which you could improve the gas mileage of your SUV. These seven tips are so easy to implement that you can immediately make your driving more economical.

  • Change your driving style. The car fuel economy depends to a great extent on the speed at which you drive. Refrain yourself from braking and accelerating too often because this consumes a lot of fuel.
  • Reduce Heavy Items. Remove all the heavy items in your SUV that you will not be using today. Any additional weight puts a higher load on the engine and reduces mileage.
  • Avoid Idling of your SUV. When your SUV is idling, while loading or unloading stuff, it wastes a lot of gas.
  • Fine tune the engine. When the engine is well tuned it will run more efficiently. Regular checkups can also expose easily missed failures like a defective oxygen sensor.
  • Check your filters. Clogged air filters would badly affect the car gas mileage.
  • Inflate your tires to the prescribed levels. Driving around with under-inflated tires is not only dangerous, it also consumes a lot of gas. Adequate tire pressure can be found in the manuals that come with your SUV and it should be checked periodically.
  • Make sure you use the best grade of lubrication and motor oils that are specified for your particular SUV and it can indeed save you a lot of money.

Of course the most obvious way to save on fuel would be to buy a vehicle that offers better gas mileage. All the dealers and manufacturers have gas mileage comparison charts for their cars which will help you gain an insight into how many MPG the car will drive.

There is a big difference in the mileage while driving on the highway or when driving in the city. City traffic typically includes a lot of stop and go driving, which is detrimental to your fuel figures.

Basing on the results that you find in the gas mileage comparisons chart you could arrive at a decision as to which SUV would be effective for your usage.

The soaring fuel prices are the main reason why hybrid cars have become a huge hit with people recently.

But simply improving your SUV gas mileage could save you a lot of dollars every year. Don’t you think that it is sensible to drive right and maintain your SUV well in order to have a longer run?